Geek Quiet Books for Geeky Kids - get them started right! DIY projects for great inspiration!

DIY Geeky Quiet Books for Kids

Moms of toddlers know that keeping them occupied during times when we need them to be quiet can be tricky. Church, doctor’s appointments, school appointments, etc., all require some planning for quiet time. Snacks, electronics, books – we’ve tried them all, haven’t we? Hmm…. if only someone made Geeky Quiet Books for kids …. Quiet…

Look at all the great Harry Potter inspired free fonts! Perfect for our birthday party invites and scrapbook pages!

Free Harry Potter Fonts

It’s no secret that I love a good font, or that I love Harry Potter. So combining the two to bring you Free Harry Potter fonts is a win-win for all of us! These fonts aren’t cannon. While many use these in the community, some of them listed are ones that I felt brought the…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -- FINALLY! New Harry Potter ..... but is it worth the read?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Review

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — FINALLY! New Harry Potter ….. but is it worth the read? First, because I don’t want to release any spoilers to those who come just to get a sneak peek, I’ll share some of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child release party photos at Barnes and Noble….

Check out these geeky sock puppet ideas for when your kids are SOOOOO bored by their school holiday freedom! (and face it -you want to play with them, too!)

Geek-Inspired Sock Puppet Crafts for Kids

School breaks is a time when kids are SOOOOOOO bored from all their freedom. While I’m not a fan of scheduling every hour of a holiday with activities ’round the clock, I love having activities in an idea box ready to go if our imagination has gone kaput and we’re in hour three of the…

Make every 11 year old's birthday special by sending them a Hogwarts Birthday Announcement!

A Letter from Hogwarts for an 11th Birthday

What’s so special about an eleventh birthday? Well, if you’re one of our kids and receive a Birthday Greetings Letter from Hogwarts, it’s a very, extra special birthday! For each of our boys, we made plans to surprise them for their eleventh birthdays with a letter from Hogwarts, wishing them a very happy birthday. We…

Make introducing your children to Harry Potter (and any kids' series) fun and immersive with these handy tips! (Plus, there's a bonus Butter Beer Recipe Included!)

DIY Butter Beer and Introducing Children to Harry Potter

As is our tradition, we introduce the boys to Harry Potter on their eighth birthdays. My husband does it as a family read through the series, pausing  between books until we feel the boys are old enough for the next book. There are voices involved, excitement, and maybe even a little butter beer! Introducing a…

Experience a trip to Comic Con through a Mom's eyes...You can be involved with your kids fandoms!Experience a trip to Comic Con through a Mom's eyes...You can be involved with your kids fandoms!

2012 Dallas Comic Con – or that time I almost met Patrick Stewart

The 2012 Dallas Comic Con. It all started so innocently. My husband and I were in bed watching television, and he was surfing on his laptop. Then I hear, “Honey, you need to see this.” He showed me a website of the Stan Lee’s Comic Con that was coming to Dallas that weekend. I was…